Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Health Showdown: Nutrient vs. A Multivitamin

Multivitamins have been the rave in the nutrition world for a better part of 2 decades. They are usually classified as any supplement that has multiple vitamins (hence the name) encapsulate in a single pill or liquid form. However, their effectiveness and usefulness have been in question in recent years of whether or not it’s worth to pay anything for these products that supposedly supplement daily vitamin intake.

The problem that many have with multivitamins is that that they don’t seem to have an effective delivery system, and many times are considered low quality so that none of the vitamins within the pill actually make it into the body, but are rather discharged in urine or bowel movements.

This is a primary reason why a new product has come on the market that is an all encompassing “nutrient” that has 19 vitamins and minerals along with fish oils and whole green foods to actually deliver high quality dietary supplementation to the body. The company that has invented this new supplement is called Encompass Nutrients, and they believe their product will be the new way that people build their health and forsake the traditional multi-vitamin.

The concept for an all encompassing nutrient came about because individuals were having difficulty finding a high quality multi-vitamin that was actually making them feel better and improve their health. There were also issues where individuals were trying to instead find only the best quality vitamins, which required them to purchase multiple products, and many times from different companies or stores.

So Encompass Nutrients set out to change that by developing a completely new and high quality nutrient that would combine the best vitamins and minerals to improve energy, the immunity system, and body function. Hence, after a long process of working with the best nutrition experts in the country, they developed the “Complete Adult” nutrient that gave everything their customers wanted in the form of vitamins, fish oils, and green foods all in one gel capsule to be taken on a daily basis.

After testing out the product they found it to be very effective in improving energy in individuals, improving the immunity system and providing people a “one stop shop” in a single bottle for supplemental vitamins. This has allowed people to not only get high quality vitamins and minerals in a single daily capsule, but has also saved them time and money by not having to purchase different products from many different sources.

Not only does Encompass Nutrients wish to improve the health of their customers, but also at the heart of their mission is to provide quality families with the financial means to adopt children, and also take exploited and vulnerable children out of the streets and into safe havens. Encompass Nutrients does this by giving 80% of their profits to organizations that support orphan adoption and vulnerable children. Their company motto is “building health and giving hope”, and you can check out their revolutionary new nutrient and what they are doing to help children around the world by checking out at Encompass Nutrients.

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